Burn Ban S’mores

We always have s’mores when camping…even when there is a burn ban. Using our camping stove and a small pan with a lid, we melt the marshmallows (we use a vegan brand that work well) and chocolate, and then scoop the results onto the graham crackers.


Mallow-Nutter Milk Shake

Remember those days when your mom made you your favorite lunch sandwich that incorporated peanut butter and marshmallow? Well, it’s still pretty darn good, but change it up and have it as your shake. This is a VERY tasty treat. I also like to mix it up by using different flavors of ice cream (such […]


Canadian Pork Loin Chops

I came up with this recipe as I love maple and mustard. We wanted to add more flavor and not dry out the boneless loin chops. Spice rub marinade, lightly breaded with a maple-mustard glaze, and cooked in garlic-flavored oil – a great Canadian recipe! This is also great on the BBQ. Perfect with roasted […]